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Ancient accounts indicated that the practice of meditation has beneficial effects on both body and mind as well as on the interaction between the two. Over the last few decades, scientific research has confirmed that meditation has powerful effects on human physiology It acts on our system by activating the vagus nerve, which relaxes our internal organs, activates and deactivates genes (I.e genes responsible for internal inflammation), lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.
Furthermore, meditation helps us overcome a wide range of negative emotions that weigh on us such as worries and anxiety and in doing so it helps us maintain a healthier body weight, which helps prevent conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Meditation goes well beyond the hour of practice in which one relaxes and empties his mind; Meditation involves constantly living in the present, living each moment without ruminating over past choices and mistakes or worrying about the future. This type of attitude can dramatically improve our quality of life, giving us a kind of well-being which is completely under our control.
Meditating together in a big group is a very powerful practice allowing even newcomers to experience the beneficial effects of this ancient practice.
Our project, which revolves around meditating together in “Aula del ‘400” every Monday, has been going on for over a year. During the first year we offered the people of Pavia and surrounding areas a weekly meditation session for a period of 3 months as part of a study, recording the effects of our “Meditare Insieme” intervention on the psychological well-being of the participants by means of questionnaires.
Results from our study indicated that even just 3 months of regular meditation practice were sufficient to significantly improve the well- being of the participants.
Our scientific research along with the Monday meditation sessions in “Aula del ‘400” will still carry on this year. For the ones interested in our project, our meditations will be focused on the Lightness of Spirit, an important requisite to achieve an optimal body weight, amongst other things. Meditation sessions will be followed by theoretical-practical lessons on the relationship between Nutrition and Emotions and on the principles of a Healthy Diet. With the help of a nutritionist, each participant will receive a partially custom-made nutritional plan.

Scientific research, will then evaluate the effectiveness of our intervention on the Lightness of Spirit and Body Awareness which help us achieve and maintain an optimal body weight. Furthermore, we will also evaluate whether Meditation has had an impact on the change in body composition by means of a Bioelectrical impedance analysis, which measures the % of lean mass and the % of fatty mass. Change in the latter two indicators gives us a measure of how strictly the subject in question is the following his nutritional plan.

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Step 1: 2000 euro

Disegno dello studio: scelta dei questionari, definizione del regime alimentare.Organizzazione logistica dell’intervento meditazione e alimentazione, pubblicità e comunicazione, gestione delle iscrizioni rilevazione delle misure impedenziometriche prima dell’intervento, input e gestione dei dati raccolti.

Step 2: 3000 euro

Sedute di meditazione, lezioni di nutrizione da Febbraio a Giugno.

Step 3: 4000 euro

Rilevazione dei dati al follow-up, gestione dei dati e analisi statistica e presentazione dei risultati.


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Luisa Bernardinelli

Prof. | Founder

Luisa Bernardinelli

Prof. | Founder
Head of Medical and Genomic Statistics Unit, Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, University of Pavia Complete CV
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Serena Celfo

Comunicazione e organizzazione eventi

Serena Celfo

Comunicazione e organizzazione eventi
Laureata in Scienze della Comunicazione, Università IULM, esperta in tecniche suono-vibrazionali, Fondatrice del progetto Serendipity-OFF Respiro-Suono-Benessere  CV completo
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Salvatore Bruno

Trainer di meditazione

Salvatore Bruno

Trainer di meditazione
Naturopath and counsellor at the Istituto di Psicosintesi in Milan Complete CV
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Gabriella Bottini

Prof. esperta di neuropsicologia

Gabriella Bottini

Prof. esperta di neuropsicologia
Full Professor, University of Pavia Complete CV
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Teresa Fazia

Organizzazione delle ricerca, analisi statistica dei dati

Teresa Fazia

Organizzazione delle ricerca, analisi statistica dei dati
Post-doc Fellowship, Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, University of Pavia Complete CV
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(Italiano) Vittoria Infantino

(Italiano) Vittoria Infantino

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  1. Universitiamo
  2. Fabrizio Anna Chiara
  3. Poncia Laura
  4. Genovese Luigi Di Renzo Adele
  5. Porcaro Sabina Angela Bonan
  7. Genovese Fabiola
  8. Margiotta Anna
  9. Cerri Silvia
  10. Ganzu Assunta Rosaria
  11. Barchi Alessandro Maestri
  12. Rizzi Giada
  13. Buccellati Laura
  14. Bozzarelli Federica
  15. Monica Venturino
  16. Dal Grande Antonella
  17. Melendez Francisco Javier Rola
  18. Bandera Emiliana Mirra Sergio
  19. Francesca Carcano Casali
  20. Lazzari Elena
  21. Castoldi Cristina
  22. Seri Isalia
  23. Lovagnini Elena
  24. Vailati Marta Zanocco
  25. Massari Anna
  26. Morda Giovanna
  27. Panceri Castellini Baldissera
  28. Zingali Francesca
  29. Giorgio Amati
  30. Piacenza Fabio
  31. Robone Maria G.
  32. Panigada Sonia
  33. Donatella Cerutti Claudia Cabrini
  34. Bandiera Cinzia Marchesi Vitto
  39. Patrizia Romano
  40. Branzoni Andrea Maggi Monica
  41. Dina Petelko
  42. Silvia Murru
  43. Damiano Grassi
  44. Patrizia Zaffino
  45. Simona Carla Maggi
  46. Marzia Mamoli
  47. Laura Dalla Tezza
  48. Edoardo Soana
  49. Nicoletta Letteri
  50. Francesca Baccino
  51. Dora Franca Basso
  52. Chiara Brocchetta
  53. Anna Klyuchko
  54. Paola De Marziani
  55. Stefano Morini
  56. Mara Magnani
  57. Lucilene Bellomi
  58. Ilaria Morani
  59. Loretta Cassani
  60. Anonymous
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