University of Pavia

About us

We are 657 years of history : the University of Pavia, one of the oldest universities in the world, was founded in 1361. Now it has about 25 thousand students, 910 teachers working in 18 departments, covering almost all the fields of scientific research.

The University is home to 85 degree courses, 17 doctoral courses, 38 master’s degrees, 36 specialized schools.
We are a unique university, with 20 university colleges, which represent our distinctive characteristic, welcoming every year Italian and foreign students. We are an internationally recognized school of excellence, where teaching and research walk together towards a future that we like to imagine ambitioussustainable and inclusive.

The University of Pavia is an ancient place that speaks to the future, ours and that of the next generations.

We are the University of Pavia.

Our project

Universitiamo® by UNIPV the crowdfunding platform of the University of Pavia, was founded in November 2014.

Our University is one of the first in the world to open up with its own instrument to the innovative formula of crowdfunding, to support cutting-edge scientific research that can improve the lives of all of us.
Thanks to this platform, anyone can support scientific research activities – medical, technological, social, etc. – even with a small donation, but above all they can:
  • choose which project and which research group to address (instead of donating to a generic and anonymous bank account);
  • demand transparency and clarity. In fact, the names and surnames, the specific purposes of the research are always very evident, the latter being explained in an authoritative way, but simple to understand.
  • keep in touch and stay updated, if one wishes, about the project and its progress.

Universitiamo® is the support for our research activity, that of our most illustrious teachers, but also and above all of our young researchers, smart minds that we want to retain in Italy also thanks to this platform, especially designed for them.

A forward-looking University, a close-knit team, a creative community: this has made Universitiamo® possible, the exclusive platform that allows you, with your donation, to create social value, to enter the future and become part of engaging scientific and cultural projects.
In almost five years of activity, the platform hosted about 70 research and third mission projects. Of these, 68% managed to reach and in some cases exceed the required budget goal: a percentage higher than the national average performance of crowdfunding platforms.
In these period, Universitiamo has collected more than € 1.200.000,00 from over 3200 donors, with an average of € 350,00 per donor and an average of 65 donors per project.