• Accountability and transparency: you know what you are supporting, you read the names of the researchers involved, you can – if you wish – be updated about the project’s progress. Enough with ‘general’ donations!
  • Money is never wasted: donations are never wasted, thanks to the “Take it all” guarantee. Indeed, your donation becomes effective immediately and you can participate directly in the achievement of the objective and in the reporting of the same
  • ‘Always open’ communication: not just an email account to ask information. Here you can keep in touch with the researcher engaged in the project you like best, using the project blog or his/her email. In addition, a dedicated Universitiamo® contact center is always working to provide any information or help you might need;
  • Always a Reward: a reward for donors supporting medical research or sustainable and inclusive technological progress should not be needed. Yet, we want to share these research projects with you, we want to build a community that feels part of the projects. That’s why we believe a small reward for people who help us is always fair.
  • Full Commitment”: this is not just a box of projects coming from thousand sources. Plenty of crowdfunding platforms already do such a job. This is ‘our own’ platform, this is crowdfunding according to the University of Pavia, which certifies the quality and vision of the projects hosted by Universitiamo®.

How Does It Work?

  1. Explore the project you like;
  2. Choose the amount to give (even small donations are more than welcomed);
  3. Say if you want to stay in touch – and updated ‒ with the research team, thus becoming part of our community (optional)
  4. That’s it!

Your donation will become effective only if the project reaches at least the 80% of its budget goal, otherwise your account will not be charged one cent.