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The Association of Social Promotion “Il Tempo della Storia” (The Time of History) was established in 2014 to give continuity to a 30-year training initiative for high school students in the province of Pavia.
The initiative is divided into three phases:
– A cycle of conferences, with a main theme that changes every year, held by university professors and experts.
– The competition tests (written test and oral exam).
– A study trip for the winners (about 40) of the duration of a week in significant international realities from a historical-cultural point of view.
The aim is to deepen the study of history and culture of the 20thand 21stcenturies through conferences, testimonies, documents and research.
The heart of the project is the experience of the study trip on the places of the History of the Twentieth Century and of Contemporaneity, a highly qualifying opportunity from a cultural, ethical and human point of view.
Over the years, all the most engaging European realities on the historical and cultural level have been touched (in the Cold War era, the Iron Curtain has often been crossed). Capital and art cities, Parliaments, cultural institutions, places of totalitarian political oppression, the places of great battles, the headquarters of the European Union and NATO, etc. have been visited.
The project uses human resources that operate at the level of pure volunteering. Former winners of previous editions of the competition take care of the entire organization, from conferences to the study trip. Teachers, collaborators and social offices do not receive compensation.
Former winners of previous editions also participate to study trips at their own expense. This underlines the emotional bond with the project and allows a containment of the overall costs of the trip.
The title of 2018-2019 edition is: “Sequences and frames. Fifty years of fear and hope (1939-1989)”. In November 2018, seven conferences will be held on three locations (Pavia, Vigevano and Voghera). Competition tests will take place between January and February 2019.
The study trip, in the first half of April, will have as its central destination Berlin, in the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of the Wall. The number of winners will depend on the resources available.






Provincia di Pavia

Comune di Pavia

Università degli Studi di Pavia – Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali – Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici

Associazione Ex Vincitori

Rotary Club Pavia Minerva


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Bruno Ziglioli

Capo Progetto

Bruno Ziglioli

Capo Progetto
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Silvia Bolognesi

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Silvia Bolognesi

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Antonio Sacchi

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(Italiano) Federica Ramella


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