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The project

The University of Pavia and the IRCCS Foundation Policlinico San Matteo have a strong tradition of research and services related to the child’s image: The Pediatric Clinic “G.R Burgio” (in honor of the great pediatrician of the Pavia School) has always offered a well-rounded care for children.

“A child is not a miniature adult”, says Professor Gian Luigi Marseglia, Director of the Pediatric Clinic. These words contain all the meaning of a pediatrician’s profession: to know and follow the child in its entirety, in its physiological evolution and in the evolution of the pathology
during its development.

But that’s not all: we need to do more: too many young talents do not have the opportunity to continue working within the structure. This valuable human capital is therefore being lost, to the detriment of research and childcare. That’s why it’s necessary to “take it to the pitch.” Universitiamo by UNIPV, the crowdfunding platform of the University of Pavia accepts the challenge and together with the Pavia-based Pediatric Clinic led by Prof. Marseglia organizes a
fundraising campaign for pediatric research titled “A Research for Pediatrics”, in order to create new opportunities for young talents in the Pavia School.

Thanks to its experience, which is now three years old, and to the successes obtained for furthering research, Universitiamo by UNIPV supports the project which will start on March 2nd on the platform, and that will end in a great charity football match on June 10th, 2018 at the Stadio Fortunati in Pavia.

Doctors and nurses of the San Matteo and university professors will play on the field. The event will host representatives of local institutions and surprise Guests.

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